Graphic Designer (Casual)

Graphic Designer (Casual)

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1. Contract Terms.

This agreement is valid for the individual noted above to join the RPMarketing team in the role of Graphic Designer.

The responsibilities of this agreement are as follows:

- Develop graphics for RPMarketing clients as per brief (including and not limited to Logo Design, Marketing Material and Social Media Posts).
- Develop graphics for RPMarketing and sister brands - Life With Options, Conscious Brothers & iambrettwilliams (including and not limited to Logo Design, Marketing Material and Social Media Posts)
- Projects to be completed by due date as defined by each project.
- Work with RPMarketing team members for graphic development as required.
- As required setup and guide on graphic design plan.
- Responsibilities may change and will be agreed upon by both parties on a case by case basis.

2. Probation Period.

Probation period will 1 month from start date.

3. Hours and Salary Schedule.

This agreement is for a casual position which means 20 hours (worked) per month.
These hours can take place at the flexibility of the individual noted above.
Normal Day Hours requirement the individual is available via email or slack group to answer any questions about client work.

Weekly Team Meeting: Monday 2pm (local Philippines time).
Weekly Content Team call - Monday 11am (local Philippines time)

Salary: 2000 PHP per month.
Payment frequency: Paid Weekly on Monday’s.
Payment Method: Paid into bank account via TransferWise.

4. Training and Career Growth.

Training will be provided as required to aid in continual skill growth and development.

Full Bank Details

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